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Individual projects:

  • Investigation into Catechol Modulation of Enzymes (InCoME): An assessment of natural and synthetic compounds that contain catechol and guaiacol moieties, and their inhibitory or activatory effects on disease-linked enzymes.

Collaborative projects:

  • Catechin Metabolism by Lactobacilli (CaMeL): Development of probiotic bacteria that enrich bioactive metabolites of catechin for improvement of glucose tolerance. This is a collaborative project with the Trant Team at the University of Windsor. Note: At present, work on this project is being carried-out exclusively at uWindsor.
  • Colorimetric Nanostructures for Protein Kinase Trials (CorNr PoKeT): Development of nanomaterials that can be used for assaying protein kinase activity, without the need for hazardous radioisotopes or expensive antibodies. This was a collaborative project with Lohse research group — currently on hiatus while this group gets settled into its new home at Central Washington University.