You may also be interested in a general overview of our research, the people that made this work possible, and our publications.

Students interested in prospective involvement in these projects should reach out to us directly.

Individual projects:

  • Investigation into Catechol Modulation of Enzymes (InCoME): An assessment of natural and synthetic compounds that contain catechol and guaiacol moieties, and their inhibitory or activatory effects on disease-linked enzymes.

Collaborative projects:

  • Colorimetric Nanostructures for Protein Kinase Trials (CorNr PoKeT): Development of nanomaterials that can be used for assaying protein kinase activity, without the need for hazardous radioisotopes or expensive antibodies. This is a collaborative project with the Lohse research group at CMU.
  • Catechin Metabolism by Lactobacilli (CaMeL): Development of probiotic bacteria that enrich bioactive metabolites of catechin for improvement of glucose tolerance. This is a collaborative project with the Trant Team at the University of Windsor. Note: At present, work on this project is being carried-out exclusively at uWindsor.