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Links to detailed analytics (e.g. citations) can be found below.
Underlined authors were undergraduates when their contributions were made to the work.

Peer-reviewed publications

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  17. Dieni CA, Storey KB. 2008. Regulation of 5’-adenosine monophosphate deaminase in the freeze tolerant wood frog, Rana sylvaticaBMC Biochem. 9: 12. Link | FREE PDF available (Open Access journal)Featured article on the front page of the BMC Biochem website; holds a “highly accessed” designation.
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  1. Dieni CA, Storey KB. 2014. Protein kinase C in the wood frog, Rana sylvatica: reassessing the tissue-specific regulation of PKC isozymes during freezing. PeerJ PrePrints 2: e391v1. Link | FREE PDF available (Open Access journal)

Published meeting abstracts

  1. Abnous K, Dieni CA, Storey KB. 2007. Regulation of AKT in Richardson’s ground squirrels during hibernation. FASEB J 21: lb125. Link


  1. Dieni CA. 2008. Enzyme regulation in freeze-tolerance. Ph.D. thesis, Carleton University.

More detailed analytics are available at:


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