Neal I. Callaghan
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry ’14, MSc Biochemistry ’16 (Mount Allison)
Current whereabouts: PhD student (Biomedical Engineering), Simmons Cellular Mechanobiology Lab Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Toronto
“My current research focuses on engineered substrates for stem cell culture. One of my aims is to develop an ideal substrate free of animal or bacterial products to maintain stem cell pluripotency for downstream applications. A second aim is to use the physical, nanoscale topography of the substrate to direct stem cell differentiation to desired phenotypes. This research relies on the blending of several fields that I’ve touched on in the lab and lecture hall with Dr. Dieni, including protein biochemistry, signal transduction, organic chemistry, and cell biology.”

Patrick T. Gormley
BSc (Hons) Chemistry ’14 (Mount Allison)

Brandon L. Greyson
BS major in Neuroscience ’19 (Ursinus College)

Tyler H. Lashley
BS major in Biology ’19 (Ursinus College)

William O. Loy
BS major in Biology ’19 (Ursinus College)

Jessica L. McFarland
BS major in Chemistry, minor in Japanese ’17 (Ursinus College)

Andrew R. Murphy
BS major in Biology ’18 (Ursinus College)