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Group leader
Dr. Christopher A. Dieni

Our current leap of LEoPARD (current students)
Batton K. Acree | 2020-present | Level II student-researcher
Logan C. Myers | 2020-present | Level II student-researcher

Past students
Brett A. Duncan | 2020
Corey J. Keating | 2020
Austin M. Lorenz | 2020
Brandon L. Greyson | 2017
Tyler H. Lashley | 2017
William O. Loy | 2017
Andrew R. Murphy | 2017 | Currently: Physician Assistant program, Lock Haven University
Jessica L. McFarland | 2016-2017
Neal I. Callaghan | 2013-2014 | Currently: PhD candidate (Biomedical Engineering), Simmons Cellular Mechanobiology Lab, University of Toronto
Patrick T. Gormley | 2013-2014

Dr. Felix Bärlocher | Department of Biology, Mount Allison University
Dr. Samuel E. Lohse | Department of Chemistry, Central Washington University
Dr. Tyson J. MacCormack | Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mount Allison University
Dr. Kenneth B. Storey | Department of Chemistry, Institute of Biochemistry, Departments of Biology and Chemistry, Carleton University
Dr. John F. Trant | Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Windsor
Dr. Stephen A. Westcott | Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mount Allison University