Ally Chen is no stranger to biotechnology research. She holds a bachelor degree in Biotechnology from Jinan University in Guangzhou, China, and a masters in Health and Food Biochemistry from l’Université de Caen Basse Normandie (the University of Caen Lower Normandy), France. Additionally, she holds certificates in Public Nutrition, and Food Safety, from the Southern Medical University in China and British Columbia Institute of Technology, respectively. She has worked extensively throughout the industry: as a lab technician at the Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock Company in Guangzhou, China; as a product specialist at Biostime and Lallemand in Guangzhou, China; as a regional specialist at SORBIAL SAS in Le Mans, France; and as a product specialist at Nature’s Essence Health Products in Vancouver, BC. Presently, she is a research associate at Micropharma Ltd.

Ally worked with Chris at Micropharma for nearly two years and, as one might expect at a small biotech company, their projects occasionally overlapped. Ally has become the most recent past colleague of Chris’ to offer up a very kind testimonial, with regards to his research practices.

“The other day, Chris demonstrated to a few co-workers and me, the Flash Freezing technique. His explanations were clear, thorough, and easy to understand. He is very kind and patient; always willing to take the time and effort to help explain things which further exemplifies how enthusiastic and knowledgeable he is in his field of study and research. Overall, Chris is a very good instructor and I am glad to have worked with him.”

Thank you Ally!

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