Brandon and Chris will be partaking in summer research as part of Ursinus College‘s FUTURE (Fellowships in the Ursinus Transition to an Undergraduate Research Experience) Program. The FUTURE Program provides research opportunities to students traditionally underserved in the sciences and mathematics, including students from minority groups, first-generation college students, students with disabilities, and women in science and mathematics.

Brandon will serve as a FUTURE mentor over an 8-week research period, alongside Chris as a FUTURE faculty member. They will mentor a FUTURE student, who will be beginning a 4-week research project during the summer before or immediately after their freshman year. The FUTURE student will be presenting their work in a symposium alongside their peers, while Brandon (as a FUTURE mentor) will be presenting his work at the Summer Fellows symposium.

After the summer, Brandon, Chris, and the FUTURE student to-be will have the opportunity to continue working together.


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