We were beginning to make some interesting research progress in the Spring 2020 semester, when our research — much like the rest of the world — was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since spring break — the week of March 15th — we have not been able to get into the lab to work on our research.

We now have a small glimmer of hope on the horizon: last week, Colorado Mesa University President Timothy Foster announced a commitment to resuming in-person learning for the Fall 2020 semester (albeit with proper precautions, social distancing, etc.). With that, it seems that the possibility of lab research may be back on the table — although we are not entirely certain when and how.

Nonetheless, with the Spring 2020 semester behind and the Fall 2020 semester slowly approaching, we invite any interested students to formally apply for research using this online page. Anyone experiencing technical difficulties, or unable to adequately answer questions via the online survey, should contact Dr. Dieni directly.


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