The Laboratory for Evaluation of Pharmacological Agents in Remediation of Disease (LEoPARD) is ecstatic to announce that two of our current research students — Jamie Hearn and Jack Macdonald — have been awarded Trustee Scholar summer fellowships by the Office of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Saint Michael’s College. The fellowships enable and fund students to spend 8 weeks on-campus this summer, engaging in full-time, uninterrupted research; in the case of Hearn and Macdonald, they will continue their research on insulin resistance.

Jamie Hearn, of Charlotte, NC, is a first-year student (freshman) majoring in Biochemistry. She joined LEoPARD in the Spring 2023 semester, and is working in LEoPARD’s preventive research arm — which focuses on early-warning diagnostics and other measures to prevent or stave off insulin resistance. Her funded research proposal is entitled: “Development of a novel, non-invasive, early-warning diagnostic for insulin resistance.”

Jack Macdonald, of Baraboo, WI, is a second-year student (sophomore) majoring in Biochemistry. He joined LEoPARD in the Fall 2022 semester, and is working in LEoPARD’s interventive arm — which focuses on development of novel insulin sensitizers and other therapeutic measures to reverse existing insulin resistance. His research proposal is entitled: “Characterizing the insulin-sensitizing bioactivities of vanilloids in model human liver cells.”

Congratulations to both Jamie and Jack!


Laboratory for Evaluation of Pharmacological Agents in Remediation of Disease (LEoPARD) is a biochemistry-focused undergraduate research group at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT (Burlington metro area). We offer transformative, real-world laboratory experiences to ensure that our hard-working students evolve into our successful alumni! Interested students are invited to read about our research, and consider applying to be a member of our group.


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