Edit: The program for the 2nd annual Alumni Leadership Gala can be viewed here.

Chris will be presented as the inaugural winner of the Carleton University Alumni Association Young Alumni Achievement Award at the second annual Alumni Leadership Gala, June 1st, 2013.

From the nomination page (this link no longer works) for the Young Alumni Achievement Award:

“Established in 2013 by the Carleton University Alumni Association, the award recognizes a recent graduate who has achieved significant accomplishments in their professional or personal achievements since graduation. They will have received their degree, graduate or undergraduate, within the last 10 years and must be 35 years of age or younger at December 31 of the respective year.

These distinguished young individuals reflect the values of Carleton University and set an inspirational example for future young Carleton alumni to follow.”

From the Alumni Leadership Gala page (this link no longer works):

Young Alumni Achievement Award

Presented to a recent graduate for significant accomplishment in their professional and personal achievements – Chris Dieni, PhD/08, Margaret and Wallace McCain Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mount Allison University

The poster child for Carleton’s science department proving that with a strong foundation in the field of chemistry, he can apply his skills to the professional and academic world and become a successful member of Carleton’s Young Alumni community.”
-Nominator Jared Fisk

Many thanks to all those involved in the nomination and selection processes!


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