Chris has just delivered a seminar entitled: “Trail of breadcrumbs: Discovering the molecular mechanisms of nanotoxicity in fish” at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The seminar was part of the UNB Biology Seminar Series, a weekly event organized by UNB Biology graduate students.

The seminar focused mainly on some of the purported mechanisms of nanoparticle-induced hepatic oxidative stress in white suckers- essentially a discussion of our recent hepatic response publication, along with some backstory touching upon our spherical gold nanoparticle publication as well.

An advertisement poster for the seminar is available here.

PowerPoint slides for the seminar are available here.

Thanks to:

Drs. Tillman Benfey and Bryan Crawford, and their students, for meeting with Chris and showing some excellent hospitality (along with some rigorous scientific discussion);

Members of the Biology department and others in the UNB community for coming out to the seminar;

Very special thanks to graduate student Chris Small for inviting Chris, helping to organize the seminar, and acting as Chris’ host for the duration of his visit.

Chris Dieni and Chris Small, UNB Biology graduate student and seminar organizer

Chris and his host, UNB Biology student Mr. Chris Small


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