Chris has recently submitted a new manuscript to the online journal PeerJ entitled “Protein kinase C in the wood frog, Rana sylvatica: reassessing the tissue-specific regulation of PKC isozymes during freezing.” Presented with an interesting option, he also chose to submit it to the accompanying preprint service, PeerJ PrePrints. The manuscript is therefore now also published in its preprint from. The preprint also now has a DOI available: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.391v1

In the words of the people at PeerJ PrePrints:

PeerJ PrePrints – rapid communication & early findings

A PeerJ ‘PrePrint’ is a draft that has not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication. Similar to preprint servers that already exist (for example, authors can submit draft, incomplete, or final versions of articles they are working on.

By using this service, authors establish precedent; they can solicit feedback, and they can work on revisions of their manuscript. Once they are ready, they can submit their PrePrint manuscript into the peer reviewedPeerJ journal (although it is not a requirement to do so).

Please take a look at our preprint and tell us what you think!


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