It’s been a lengthy process requiring several rounds of revisions, but we’re pleased to announce that “Protein kinase C in the wood frog, Rana sylvatica: reassessing the tissue-specific regulation of PKC isozymes during freezing” has been accepted for publication in the journal PeerJ.

The publication stems from work that Chris completed as a graduate student in the Storey Lab. It examines the phosphorylation states of PKC with a critical eye, reassessing earlier evidence from years past that pointed to elevated second messengers concentration during freezing and, at the time, suggested increased phosphorylation of PKC. Protein kinase C is a signaling enzyme found in many signal transduction pathways, including (but not limited to) the insulin signaling pathway.

A much earlier version of the manuscript was previously published at PeerJ PrePrints. The peer-reviewed publication is expected to go live on September 4th, 2014.


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