Chris has been awarded a 2015 Development Grant, an internal fund from the Carleton University Research Office (CURO). In collaboration with Dr. Ken Storey (Professor of Biochemistry), who generously facilitated the application thanks to his eligibility as a tenured professor, Chris submitted an application entitled “Molecular mechanisms of nanotoxicity in isolated protein systems.”

Comments from the Peer Review Committee were as follows: “The Peer Review Committee was supportive of funding this project. It was recognized as a very strong, well justified application from a very productive established researcher consistent with the goals of the development program in pursuing new lines of inquiry and collaboration.”

The grant is valued at $9,500 and will cover costs pertaining to reagents and consumables (e.g. nanomaterials, proteins, chemicals and biochemicals) and professional research salaries.

Update: Chris’ Development Grant has been further publicized on the Carleton University Institute of Biochemistry website. The specific page highlighting Chris’ accomplishment can be found here.


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