Today marks Chris’ first class of the Fall 2015 semester at Carleton University. Chris will once again be teaching Biophysical Techniques and Applications (BIOC 3202), a required course for Bachelor of Science (BSc) Major and Honours degrees in Biochemistry, Computational Biochemistry, and Biotechnology. He previously taught this course last year (i.e. Fall 2014) to positive acclaim. This being the second time he offers the course, Chris has incorporated some of the constructive student feedback received last year, for what he hopes will be an even better version of the course.

Chris is also contracted to teach Methods in Biochemistry (BIOC 4001), a required course for Honours degrees in Biochemistry, in the Winter 2016 semester.

When not engaged in teaching, Chris also conducts research into nanomaterial-protein interactions, supported by his recently-funded Carleton University Development Grant.


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