Our new publication, entitled “Zinc oxide nanoparticles trigger cardiorespiratory stress and reduce aerobic scope in the white sucker, Catostomus commersonii,” was recently accepted for publication at the journal NanoImpact and is now available online as an accepted manuscript. The data and conclusions presented in this article are a continuation of our work investigating the exposure of bottom-feeding fish to environmentally-relevant metal oxide nanoparticles, as previously published in “Physiological hepatic response to zinc oxide nanoparticle exposure in the white sucker, Catostomus commersonii,” “Cardiorespiratory toxicity of environmentally relevant zinc oxide nanoparticles in the freshwater fish Catostomus commersonii” and “Cerium oxide nanoparticles exhibit minimal cardiac and cytotoxicity in the freshwater fish Catostomus commersonii.”

This work was carried out in the lab of Dr. Tyson J. MacCormack at Mount Allison University, and spearheaded by Dieni Research Group alumnus, Neal Callaghan, who is now a doctoral student in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto after having successfully completed his NSERC-CGS M-funded master’s degree in the MacCormack lab. Additional contributions were made by Garett Allen, now a master’s student in  at the University of Manitoba, and Tess Robart, presently a Hepatitis C (HCV) Clinic research assistant with RECAP (Research Education and Clinic for At-Risk Populations) in Saint John.


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