Today marks the first day of classes for the Fall 2016 semester at Ursinus College; it is also the first day that Chris will begin teaching in his new role as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. In the Fall 2016 semester, he is responsible for teaching three undergraduate courses: Fundamentals of Biochemistry (CHEM-347), Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences (BCMB-307), and a section of the Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (CHEM-205L). He also hopes to establish a research program at Ursinus, and to that end will be giving a research seminar on September 5th (more on that later).

Chris has previously held research and teaching positions at Carleton University (Institute of Biochemistry; as a contract instructor and research associate), Algonquin College (Biotechnology – Advanced program; as a Part-Time Professor), and Mount Allison University (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; as a Margaret and Wallace McCain Postdoctoral Fellow).

Ursinus College is a private liberal arts college, established in 1869 and located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania (approximately 40 km from Philadelphia). It serves approximately 1,650 students from 35 states and 12 countries. Ursinus delivers undergraduate programs in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry (including an American Chemical Society or ACS certified major), and many others.


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