Chris has received a small grant from Ursinus College’s Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI), known as the Grants for Pedagogical Innovation and Experimentation. These grants are intended to financially support new curricular development (among other things), and so appropriately enough, Chris submitted a proposal entitled: “Biophysical Techniques Lab: Design of laboratory applications to better support lecture material.” The inspiration for this proposal stems from having previously taught two lecture courses- Biophysical Chemistry (Ursinus College, Fall 2016), and Biophysical Techniques & Applications (Carleton University, Falls 2014 and 2015)- both of which were missing very necessary laboratory components.

With this TLI grant, Chris hopes to design some preliminary experiments which are biophysical in focus, are complementary to the content that would be taught in a biophysical course, and bring something new to what would be seen in biochemistry labs. This work will take place over the Spring 2017 semester.


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