We’ve moved (yes, again)! It seems like we had only just arrived at the University of Windsor — but, for context, it had actually been about a year-and-a-half (January 2018 through June 2019), and much was accomplished during that time. We won several internal research awards for supporting undergraduate research, such as an Undergraduate Research Incentive Fund (URIF) and an Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) award. We co-supervised undergraduate research students. We also mentored a high school student — a winner of the the Windsor Regional Science, Technology, and Engineering Fair (WRSTEF) — who went on to win numerous awards at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

As enjoyable as those accomplishments were, Chris is extraordinarily pleased to announce that he now begins a position as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, in the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences at Colorado Mesa University!

Here, Chris will be teaching Biochemistry I (CHEM 315) and Biochemistry Laboratory (CHEM 315L), beginning this week. He is presently setting up LEoPARD’s new physical location — pending availability of space and funds — and hopes to recruit eager undergraduate students with a passion for hands-on experiences in the biochemical and biomedical sciences.

Go Mavericks!


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