On Friday, April 30th, our hard-working research students seized upon the opportunity to present not one, but two posters at the 2021 Colorado Mesa University Student Showcase. The venue allowed for these bright young researchers to show off the promising results of the many sacrifices they have made over the past one or two semesters. Notably, LEoPARD’s research students were the only presenters affiliated with the Chemistry or Biochemistry programs, and one of relatively few groups presenting from the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences.

The two posters presented were:

  1. Nanomaterial Exploration With Biosensing Synergies (NEWBS)” by John T. Cogburn and Logan C. Myers.
  2. Out of the Clear Blue Sky: Utilizing Methylene Blue-Coupling Reactions for Rapid Visible Quantification of Biochemical Markers” by Corey J. Keating, Batton K. Acree, and Jandré van Wyk.

A third presentation, in oral format, was originally scheduled, but could not be done justice between the obligations of these two posters and the research students’ other coursework.

Congrats to LEoPARD’s researchers — arguably, the best students to be found at Colorado Mesa University — who have given so many innumerable hours, days, weeks, and months towards the megalithic task of thankless laboratory-based research. The quality and caliber of these poster presentations speak for themselves!

Take a look at the relevant social media posts:


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