Our recently-accepted review article, “Catechin and other catechol-containing secondary metabolites: Bacterial biotransformation and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism” is now live at PharmaNutrition. The review explores the ubiquity of catechol moieties in endogenous signaling molecules as well as dietary phytochemicals, their prospective biotransformation by gut microbiota and other microorganisms, and the roles that various catechols play in either pro-hypoglycemic or pro-hyperglycemic regulation of carbohydrate metabolism.

This review was written in collaboration with the Trant Team research group at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada — and involved extensive efforts by undergraduate students.

From now until July 24, 2021, any interested reader in the world can view the final version of the commentary for FREE by following this link.

Congrats once again to all co-authors!


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